Samuel Joyce / November 15, 2016

Things Fell Apart

Emmett Rensin in April discussed “the smug style in American liberalism,” and in the process predicted exactly what just happened: “Faced with the prospect of an election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the smug will reach a fever pitch: six straight months of a sure thing, an opportunity to mock and scoff and ask, How could anybody vote for this guy? Until a morning in November when they ask, What the fuck happened?”

Shawn Haq / October 24, 2016

Shawn Haq's Interview with US Congress Candidate, Bryan Caforio

Bryan Caforio is running in one of those races. He’s a Democrat trying to unseat Republican incumbent Congressman Steve Knight in a race so high profile that even President Obama has stepped in and personally endorsed Bryan. Shawn Haq sat down with him last Friday to discuss a wide variety of issues with the US Congress hopeful.

Shawn Haq / August 20, 2016

Shawn Haq's Interview State Senate Candidate, Henry Stern

It's a high-stakes race between Democrat Henry Stern and Republican Steve Fazio. Henry has been endorsed by Senator Fran Pavley and, if elected, would be the youngest Senator in California. Shawn Haq sat down with Henry last Wednesday to discuss a wide variety of issues with the State Senate hopeful.

Naomi Raal / July 29, 2016

Campaign Length and Finance: How Other Countries Do It Better

Every country’s approach to funding elections has pros and cons, but when the cons of our own system impede democracy and waste massive amounts of time and money, it's obvious that something needs to change.

Trent Kannegieter / June 28, 2016

The New, Colossal Opportunity: The Libertarian Option

The greatest potency of Johnson’s ticket comes from its seemingly perfect pairing of an insider’s experience with the appeal of an “outsider” that has driven so much of this cycle. 

Ross Rosenthal / October 13, 2015

Let the Trump-ets Blare

Yet we have made him legitimate. Because of his constant appearances in editorials and the air time he gets on liberal networks, he is not going away. It is all of this air time that is causing the voters of this nation, especially the younger generation, to have the name of only one presidential candidate in their heads as they enter the voting booth.