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Why Cory Booker Voted Against Lowering Drug Prices 

Samuel Joyce / February 27, 2017

At a time when the party is in crisis, the left has the support of the vast majority of young people and all the energy. We were able to present a credible challenge to a seemingly inevitable nominee. And we nearly won control of the DNC. The conclusion drawn from those facts should not be to walk away—not at a point when the left is more powerful within the Democratic Party than it has been at any point in the last fifty years. 

Why Cory Booker Voted Against Lowering Drug Prices 

Shawn Haq / January 13, 2017

Although lowering drug prices is a typically progressive policy, 12 Democrats voted against it on Wednesday night. Among those who took a lot of heat for it was Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ), who has been floated as a potential Democratic candidate for President in 2020. Here is a comprehensive examination of his explanation.

Trump So Far

Jane Irons / November 29, 2016

Keep up to date with President-Elect Donald Trump's most recent Cabinet appointments and his most current legislative agenda.

Campaign Length and Finance: How Other Countries Do It Better

Naomi Raal / July 29, 2016

Every country’s approach to funding elections has pros and cons, but when the cons of our own system impede democracy and waste massive amounts of time and money, it's obvious that something needs to change.